The Poll of Johnny Tremain

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Fate of the Olympians Part 1: Chiron

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Picking up the tiny bundle, might have been the worst or best thing Chiron ever did. Chiron’s dad had sent Chiron for a vacation in South Florida. After being expelled from his eighth school Chiron had torn down the house. Chiron’s dad, a wealthy businessman, though that having a holiday would be the perfect thing to clear Chiron’s mind. Little did son and dad know that this holiday would turn out the most daring and exclusive adventure in this century.  

            It was the perfect day to spend time at the beach. Chiron’s guardian had told him to pack up a bag with his sunscreen towel and other essentials for the beach. Chiron was in no hurry to get up and go. He had the oddest dream at night. A million shadows were chasing him all over a deep pit, filled with dark and gloomy forest. Chiron somehow knew that he was running in the depths of Tartarus.

            He had been cornered when Pan, his guardian, had come to wake him up. After listening to Pans request and packing, Chiron was ready to go. The stepped out of the five star hotels lobby, into the streets of Miami. It was warmer than the average day, so the streets were busy with people trying to get to the beach as soon as possible. On a Saturday morning like this, Chiron would usually be sitting at his PC playing Runescape.

            Today would also be different because Chiron would be walking instead of taking a ride in a limo. On the way Chiron asked Pan “Do you think I’m crazy?” “Absolutely not my humble master, there are many just like you” stated Pan. But Chiron still felt as he was not a normal kid. But he cheered up as soon as he saw the harbor. You see Chiron has this pull toward the sea and adventure. This is the exact reason he gets in trouble.

            As soon as he Chiron saw that fishing ship, he broke into a run. Lucky for him Pan was a fat and old. Chiron ran like he had never before and leaped onto the deck. He found a hiding place under a cover of a lifeboat. He though it was the best hiding spot ever, but then he heard footsteps and saw the cover slowly rising.


To be continued……       


Three Great Gods




Letter back to England

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Dear George Fredrick,

I am sending this letter in a hurry, as my people have chose to rebel against me. Please go to the dock ad inform them to send a ship to my colony. How silly of me to send this letter to you as you don’t know about my colony. So let me tell you the tale of my colony. In the year of 1732 I went to King George the second. He granted me and my trustees a charter that gave us permission to make a colony for poor English citizens. Among this group were people who had been jailed for unpaid debts. I can’t believe these same people who I gave freedom to are now rebelling against me.

One year after I had got the charter me and one hundred twenty other English colonists set out to Georgia. We founded the city of Savannah on the coast of Georgia. Many settlers from all over England have moved to my colony and I have learned about the lives of many colonists. I still remember my statement “The examples of other colonies suggest that the new colony will succeed….Georgia is even more likely to succeed than either Virginia or Pennsylvania were”.

I wanted my colony to be different from other southern colonies; I didn’t want Georgia to have large plantations rules by a few wealthy individuals. I hoped that the colony would draw small farmers and avoid rise of wealthy planter. So I outlawed slavery and limited the size of land grants. I gave free passage and gave them the things they needed.  My dreams were too big and I gave away too much.

The colonist grew unhappy and wanted big plantations and slavery. This was just what I dint want. So they turned against me, the man who had given them everything they needed and took them out of jail. I have realized that men are very selfish. This ends my story and now my dear friend, you have heard the story so go and fetch the boat that will take me out of this madness. My only hope for the future is to get out of here. ‘

Your dear friend,

James Oglethorpe 

My view on the bomb blast of Pakistan

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I dont think it right to go in somehwere, put a bomb, and then blow it up. It destroys people property and the people themselves. Im not sure if someone from outside did the bomb blast or someone from pakistan. If it was from Pakistan then its very sad. Who blows up their own people. Its just barbaric and theirs no use of it. If it someone from outside, id like to say they have no right marching into Pakistan and blowing up a bomb.

What are Emulators

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An emulator is a device that is used on the computer that is like a copy of a system, usually a game console. Emulators try to take the original code of a game and put it on your pc.  There are two kind of emulators, those that use original cds as the playing object or they use ROM files. Rom files are files that store a game that canot be put into the computer, for example a catridge for a gameboy. A Rom file contains data for a game. 

There are many different emulators for one emulator type. The advantage of emulators is that you dont need to buy every single console, instead you can download it from the Internet. Disadvantage is that you cant play every game you could with the original console. Only some games are compatible with the emulators.

A few emulators you can try out are: PSPE,  NO$GBA, Visual Boy Advanced.

Who I would meet

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If I had a chance to meet a famous person, I would want to meet Bill Gates. This is mainly because I am really interested in computers and want to ask him about many things related with them. I’ll ask him about his products and how they are designed. He’s the 3rd richest person in the world so ill ask him what he spends his money on. Does he give a lot to the poor or does he keep it all to himself. You got my point, as you can see I’m a computer maniac =p.   


The Religious lives of Saudis and Massachusetts Bay Colonists

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Similarities and Differences

          Similarities- Both are based on religion, Restricted to almost no slavery, in both places people had to do religious services, Praying.

            Differences- Women who were colonists had more rights, Children had to do work, Dresses varied


Focus- My main focus will be own similarities but I may add a bit of differences. Most of it is going to be on the non- obvious things like and not on things like praying



Main Article


            Life can be hard or easy in a religious country, colony, state or anywhere else, depending on the person you are. Today I will tell u about two different places, from two different times which are both religious countries. They both have experienced problems that are similar and in a way that aren’t. These two countries are Saudi Arabia and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

            These two countries are similar in a kind of sense and in a way, they aren’t. They practice they’re religion and make their decision and economy based on that. For example in Islam its restricted to keep slaves and I think it goes same for the colony. This reduces the number of slavery and in a way makes you feel like you aren’t superior to the slaves. As well as you can see that in Saudi Arabia, ladies have less freedom then the ones in the colony.

            People in both countries have to do religious services. For example hear Mutawas keep religious law and in the colony people gathered people for going to the church. I can’t find any other similarities, as I don’t think there are many. It would have been easier to list differences but they are all so obvious. Like food, clothing, etc.  I hope u enjoyed my presentation and get ready for the next one.